Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why did I start this?

Where am I coming from?

I grew up in mid-sized suburban town in the Northeast. My parents were very conservative and at the time I found it very difficult to approach them for advice on anything. I didn't stay home very much. I found every excuse possible to leave my house to try to find what more life had to offer.

Looking back, I wanted someone to just tell me how life worked - the keys to being popular and successful, how to win friends and influence people, how college worked, what kinds of jobs afford a great lifestyle, how the corporate world works and of course advice about women. I didn't have that luxury. So now I am writing this.

What's my goal with this blog?

It's simple - give you advice that I never had.
Advice about sex, drinking, sports, school, careers, drugs, girls, college, clothing, attitude, career paths, you name it.

Talking with my parents about these topics was not an option. I actually tried to find some answers to my questions on the internet, but there was no good place to look. I'm sure many of you fall into this category, searching for answers, and that is why I am writing.

What do I have to offer?

Experience. Plain and simple - I've already been through everything you are going through. I'll tell it the way I saw it. I’ll tell you the things I wish I had done, the things I’m glad I did, and the things I would advise never doing while your growing up.

Through my high school and college years I hung out with everyone - The smart kids, the rich kids, the stoners, the rednecks, the jocks, the surf-bums, the drinkers, the meat heads, the wanna-be thugs, the coke heads, the guidos, the real thugs, the easy girls, the prudes and the people everywhere in between.

Don't take everything I say here as gospel. My thoughts and opinions are flawed, just like everyone else's. Learn to read this and make your own informed decisions.

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